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What a thought for Christ the King Sunday!  Isn’t this a picture of the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven?  We give Christ praise and glory wherever we are, in the middle of the kingdoms of this world.  Hallelujah!

YouTube – Opera Company of Philadelphia “Hallelujah!” Random Act of Culture.



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Via Crucis XI - Gesù promette il suo regno al ...

Via Crucis XI Sculpture by Franco Fiabane. Image by brtsergio via Flickr

Another liturgical year has come full circle, and here we are gazing at Christ our King, whose power is made perfect in weakness.  Here is a sermon for Christ the King, Year C.

Jesus, Remember Me
A Sermon on Luke 23:33-43
Christ the King—Year C

What an odd thing it is to focus on the crucifixion story at this time of year!  The holiday season is getting into swing.  Beautiful decorations are going up.  The mall parking lot is full.  People are working at creating a Christmas atmosphere, warm and sentimental.  The prevailing message sounds like this—and I’m quoting from the Coldwater Creek clothing catalog: “simmer wassail on the stove ’til the whole house smells of apples.  Catch the joy in a child’s eyes.  Light one candle.  Or many.  Marvel again at the power of song to lift the human heart.  And sing for all you’re worth.  This holiday, take comfort in the simplest of pleasures.  For this is the season of sharing.  Of giving.  And finding quiet joy in the closeness of all those dear to your heart.”  It sounds very cozy and inviting.

Today is Christ the King Sunday, and indeed, a baby king, a sweet little boy will receive some attention in a few weeks.  But here is a pitiful man, strung up on a cross, with a sign that reads: “This is the King of the Jews.” (more…)

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