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Coffee cup on christmas eve :-)

Image by midas_dk via Flickr

If you look over to the right, in the sidebar you will see a category called “coffee communion.”  Through the years I have been blessed to recognize the presence of God as I’ve visited with friends over coffee.  One coffee friend moved away, but each of us still cherishes one of two matching coffee mugs that symbolize the way God has used each of us to encourage the other.  Another friend will ask, “When are we going to drink coffee?” and that means, “when are we going to talk about God, life, or n’importe quoi— i.e. whatever, anything at all?”  The coffee communion category is where you will find posts about n’importe quoi.  These are things I would love to talk about if you and I sat down to drink coffee together.  I am often drinking coffee when I read or work on this blog.  I really would like to hear what you are thinking about.  Send me a note on the contact page, and I’ll take another sip as I think about what you say.

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