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view of Nazareth

view of Nazareth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wanted to walk the land where Jesus walked?  Recently I read a beautiful book entitled Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land by Ruth Everhart, and I wrote a review for the Presbyterian Outlook.   Here is how it begins:


“Longing to glimpse the mystery of faith again prompted Ruth Everhart to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  She writes that faith had never not been a part of the ordinary landscape of her life.  It was as familiar as her mother’s hands.  In the complicated landscape of life in the Holy Land, Everhart hoped to find much more than simple validation of the faith she already knew.  She was ready to wrestle and be wrenched like Jacob at the Jabbok if necessary.  Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land chronicles her outward journey and her inward spiritual journey.


The immediacy of the present tense allows readers to travel alongside her, to feel heat and persistent thirst, and to touch cold, hard stone.  The Dead Sea stings the skin, while the Sea of Galilee soothes like silk.  We smell crowds of sweaty people and the odors of cooking food.  We taste cucumbers and tomatoes, communion bread and wine. There are nuanced shades of beige everywhere.  As we pass through the shadow of The Wall dividing Israel and Palestine, the words “separate and not equal” come to my mind, and they are heavy with meaning….”


You can read the rest of the review here.


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