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'Secret Agent Geocoin' photo (c) 2010, DM - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/Here is a link to an article about what teams of church visitors have found.  It’s called “Eight Confessions of Church Spies,” and the author is  Chuck Lawless, a professor of evangelism.  Click on the link to read all the details, but here is his list of common hospitality problems that the “undercover agents” found:

1. Church websites are often outdated, boring . . . and useless.  (Often they don’t have basic information like worship times!)

2. Churches are not friendly.  (Be sure to check this one out.  Lawless says that more often than not, no one speaks to the guests before or after worship!  I can hardly believe it, but I’ve heard others say the same thing!)

3. Church facilities are not generally marked well.

4. Churches aren’t prepared for guests. (This includes things like not having any means to get contact info from the guests.)

5. Churches are poorly equipped for protecting children.  (Children’s areas need to be secure.  Policies, such as having two adults with children at all times, need to be in place.)

6. Worship through music often needs improvement.

7. Preaching is often weak.

8. Churches are not always clear in “what to do” in response to worship.

How does your church do on these points?

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