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Tape Measure

Tape Measure (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

Jan Edmiston, a Presbyterian minister serving on Presbytery (regional) staff in the Chicago area, recently published a post entitled Measuring a Year in the Life of a Church.  She’s got some good thoughts about possible questions to ask when considering whether a church is thriving or merely surviving.  Here are a few samples:

  • Can you identify an occasion in the last year when the congregation chose faith over fear? 
  • Is the church living off an endowment or do the tithes and offerings of the congregation cover all expenses?
  • Can you name things your congregation tried that failed in the past year?  (Note:  if you didn’t fail at anything, you probably didn’t try anything new.)
  • Can you name ten people who were spiritually transformed in your congregation in the past year?  What did that look like?
  • Can you identify one person who was identified as a new leader in the past year, and then share how she/he is being equipped for ministry?  (Note:  this is a person who has never been a leader before in the life of your church.)

What do you think?  What questions would you ask?

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