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God provides in another way in Genesis 24, one of the Hebrew Bible readings for Ordinary Time 14 A, this coming Sunday, July 3, 2011.  Here is a sermon on this text:

God Goes Before Us
A Sermon on Genesis 24, with allusions to Psalm 139 and Romans 8:28

Nothing ever came quickly and easily as far as Isaac was concerned.  After God first promised Abraham and Sarah that their descendents would number as many as the stars, and that they would become a great nation in the land of Canaan, it was twenty-five years before they finally had their longed-for baby. God certainly took his time in working this plan out.

Then there were many other adventures, any of which could have totally derailed this plan, so there was more waiting: According to Genesis 24, Isaac was nearly forty years old before he was ready to get married.  It was high time he got to work on the next generation.  High time!  And if Isaac was going to be a patriarch, he needed a matriarch.  Who would make a suitable partner for him, and how would he find her?

Arranged marriages have little or no appeal to us, but it was the norm back then, and still is the norm in some parts of the world.  Given the fact that that’s how things were done then, I can see Abraham’s wisdom.  He thought that the logical place to look for a good match was back home among his kinfolk in Haran, among people who served God, the same God Abraham served.  Isaac needed a wife who shared his faith, someone willing and able to follow the dream of the Promised Land that God had first articulated nearly sixty-five years before.

But why not let Isaac make the journey to Haran to find the match himself? (more…)

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