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communion elements with candles

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I recently watched the movie Babette’s Feast for the first time in a long time.  Based on Isak Dinesen’s short story of the same title, this movie is rich with sacramental overtones.  Here is a list of resources for discussion.  Grace is the central theme, and one way to summarize the plot is that a small, hurting congregation gets healed. 

The story takes place in a remote area of Scandinavia, where two older, never-married sisters are the leaders of a small, puritan-like congregation that their father had founded many years before.  The congregants devote themselves to simplicity, prayer and the word, and care for the poor and the sick.  They address one another as sister and brother.

By the time of the feast, the centerpiece of the story, the congregation has dwindled down to eleven members, all getting on in years.  They have been church together for a lifetime.  Lately, though, the brothers and sisters have grown irritable and quarrelsome.  They drag out and rehearse old hurts and blame one another for their problems.  To the dismay of their pastors, the founder’s daughters, they don’t feel like singing their beloved hymns together any more. (more…)

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